Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Skye Castle

It's been a while since my last blog entry! But a lot of work has been going on in Skye. I'll cover more in future entries but for now let's talk about the castle...

Sitting high up in a central point in the subcontinent (so far) the castle is visible from almost everywhere on Skye and I hope defines the atmosphere and ethos of the development. I'm currently working on the gardens, an unlikely design comprising raised walkways and viewing platforms looking over the surrounding sims. It's a grand affair I know but I just thought 'why not?' Skye needs a focal point - let's do it in style!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Skye Takes Shape

Observant blogees will be able to tell from the 4 week black hole in this blog that Skye finally arrived! Needless to say I have been a little busy!

Things started to take shape quickly and in the spirit of moving things confidently on I ordered and received five new regions to add the original. However! There is method in this madness. Skye is planned to flow gracefully between regions, creating a coherant subcontinent rather than a collection of adjacent island and by starting with a decent sized landmass I can really get a feel for how region joining can be pushed. The other benefit of course is that potential residents can also get a sense of where the place is going. And it seems to be working! Several houses have been sold and I am now working my way through a small waiting list of new customers (or neighbours as I like to call them!). I'll try and be a little more blog frequent as things settle down to a merely hectic pace :-)

Loads of pictures can be seen at:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Skye Arrives

IT'S HERE! My first island arrived this morning. It's called Skye (I really felt SL needed a Scottish angle!) It was ordered as flat terrain as I intend to spend a fair amount of time terraforming to suit an exclusive development of private villas and houses. The plan is to grid the space into 9 areas each around 7-7500m2 and maximise privacy and access to water. There will be cliff sites, beaches and lakeside options (see pics of very early work on cliff!). Prices per m2 will be substantially less than on the mainland (simply because the land is cheaper to buy) giving you more space (and prims) per buck. I couldn't resist taking some shots before starting work :-)

..and some early terraforming of the south eastern cliff:

Dunbeath Designs

I took these shots just as I finished the Falling Water inspired building in Dunbeath. The house was presold and finished to the new owner's spec but I thought it would be useful for the record to show some interior shots...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Island House Designs

Still waiting for the island... in the meantime I've been playing with a design idea - a modern interpretation of a hacienda building. A tricky one to get the balance of old and new just right. It's a big house designed for a cliff site- may have to be a double plot! Here's some pics of early work...

Final Stages of Dunbeath

While I wait with baited breath for my island to be processed, I have been finalising the last plots at Dunbeath. I now have a house for sale - a smaller building but with equal design values to the larger buildings.
The spec is high, including full lighting and window tint system, hot tub and shower (some nice anims!), basement with secret pool entrance, swimable pool (with The Swimmer v1.1) a high diving system, a fully lockable avatar managing door system, animated furniture...

Oh, and the view from the front window is spectacular :-)

Friday, January 5, 2007

Island plans

The holiday season has seen a flurry of activity in SL and it's been no different here! Both Jenner villas are sold/rented and the first house released in the Dunbeath development sold in under ten hours - very encouraging! But also frustrating for all those who enquired about the properties. With this in mind I have ordered my first island. I plan to offer new buildings/plots following on from and developing the design themes explored on the mainland sites. There will be some thing to suit different budgets, but most importantly quality design in a sensitive environment will prevail! Watch this space for details.....