Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Development in Dunbeath

Good news! I have now aquired 16,000m2 of secluded, hilly, tidy land in Dunbeath and building work has commenced! Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water' has inspired one of the new houses, so lots of water features with swimable mountain spring pools abound. Two big houses will sit by the river's edge while further up the hill, I am building on smaller plots to offer a more affordable but equally apealling offer. Look out for the f-Pod - a forrest cabin with a difference! Here are some shots of the building work. IM me for more details

Friday, December 15, 2006

Feedback on Jenner Villas

Thanks to everyone who has viewed the Jenner development. I am realy pleased with the initial interest. While there have been lots of good comments, I would still value your constructive feedback - anything that helps me better understand what land/ build qualities SL residents are looking for.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clifftop Villas released in Jenner

Well, they are finished now and on the market! Two new villas on a beautiful coastal spot - prime SL land. The build was great fun - a challenging mix of grid building and terraforming. The villas were both built from scratch - prim by prim. This way, the architecture and landscape can really come together.

My aim is to combine quality design, building and landscaping to create desirable SL properties with a real sense of place. My market is SL residents who appreciate a quality home and are looking to get away from the square plot/ prefab scenario. These are ready-made environments - places to bring your friends, throw parties or just relax away from the chaos. It's this ideal of a quality base for a quality SLifestyle that I'm aiming for - I hope you like it!

The villas boast a high spec including:
Bespoke Architecture
Fully furnished (with furniture by Cult)
Original artwork (from GraphicArtCollective and Postermeister)
Swimming Pool with swimable water (you need Swimmer v1.1 which is included in price)
Diving board (with a choice of diving styles)
Loads of animation scripts to help you play and relax.
Open Fires
Secluded beach with campfire
Pier with sailing boats

IM me if you wan't a tour!